Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm on A long thing!

Omo I've been away from blogsville so long its like I'm an immigrant. Lemme sha say sorry make una no vex I've been on along thing. Some kinda self reformation to reduce my indifference and increase my attention span. In fact the truth is I get tired of everything all the time. So this post is basucally just to keep my blog warm.

As a big brother we all know it is my job to description to bug my sis ... and I usually find the weirdest ways to do it.
Recently I got this open wound in the middle of my left palm (self inflicted, dont ask) and I had to wash using bleach then a thought hit me. I walked directly to my sister who was watching TV, looked at her with a candid face and asked her very seriously ....
.... what do you think will happen to me if bleach gets into my bloodstream?, without waiting for her to answer I asked again this time with a worried face ... What if I become invisible!!! Serious! stop laughing What If it decolourises me then I become grayscale or worse Colourless!!!.

Later that day I was helping my dad in his fish farm then it came again! I ran back to my sister again I had to share this revelation quick.
I called her attention, she paid it. With a very franctic look on my face I asked
What happens if fish food gets into my bloodstream?
Gettout!!!! Leave me alone
Seriously it is not a joking matter! What if fish all of a sudden get drawn towards me or I find out I can communicate with Aquaculture because I'm in sync with their base survival instict "the need for food"
It is like you don't have anything to do better stop disturbing me!

Then I talk to myself.... you know the type when your inner self talks to you and you listen/talkback ... well not only that kind. Also the kind of self talk where two or more voices are talking about two or more things in your head and you are stuck hearing the noise like cafeteria chatter! You know .... common admit it .... ur leaving me out here to dry [akward laugh...]

Okay this day I was walking to the supermarket when this conversation started
Damn it I don't feel like walking
Lookachyoo!!! If you had gottten your liscence since would you be walking now?
Idiot would you shut up even with my liscence would you r fear let me drive in this mad town?
Lazy maga! you want to blame it on me now ba?
Would two of you shut up I'm trying to focus on avoiding this guy walking behind me he looks shifty
paranoid motherfucker!
MYFRIEND!!! berra get your shit together
Shut up!!! ah ah [out loud] while shaking my head
I could swear I still heard some disapproving mumurs in my head before it went silent.
Then the shifty guy walking behind me crossed to the otherside of the road!

Once again my dear Blogaria abeg no vex!!! I'm still on a long thing. It will take a while but ... I'll be back!!
ps had malaria a while back.
Your boy 9janeo.

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