Tuesday, September 21, 2010

There are no rules.

There really are no rules...
there are levels,
to ascend to the new level,
you must become master of the previous one,
mastering a level gives you strategic power over it,
so naturally you have power over those in the "Lesser" levels.

There are really no rules...
everybody was born without priviledges,
every level has its privileges,
the higher the level, the more/better the privileges,
the better the privilege, the bigger your greed,
the bigger your greed, the less willing you are to help others advance to your level,
cos more people at your level means a harder time ascending to the next.

There really is no law...
there are men,
there are men who have acquired privileges, power, levels,
these men create consequences for those in the lower levels,
there are men at the highest level,
so naturally there are those at levels without consequences.

There is really no law...
there are men at the highest level,
these men create the consequences,
these men make the rules,
these men control the law,
these men are the law.

Everybody wants to do just whatever they want, without consequences.
Everybody wants to be privileged.
Everybody wants power.
Everybody wants to get to the highest level.
Everybody is someone's law.

P.S. Except that first guy...

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