Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Woke Up!!!

I woke up, it was dark, I saw him staring back at me with murderous intent.
I took a step towards him
At this point I am staring directly into enraged dark eyes
Eyes owned by an eidolon of my other self
I could feel it, the rage the anger the hatred
Confused by his aura, I asked him "why are you so angry?"

He glared back and all he said was "you had no right!!!"
I needed an explanation and decided to use his emotions to get it.
I smiled and with an mild voice I said "of course I did, I had every right"
It worked. He exploded "What do you mean!!! I was almost done, you were all mine, you had almost given up!!!"
He took a deep breath then said "you know we are going to keep trying right!?!, and one day one of us will get you."

"What do you mean???"

"well, you managed to push me out just before I did my job, but it does not matter because even though you have almost total control right now, some of my friends are still in there trying, and many are out here looking for a way in! and we wont stop trying!!"

He moved his dark form ever so slightly to the right and behind him I saw a row of dark specters much like himself stretch beyond my view.
He raised his chin in a quick gesture, making me aware of someone behind me, making me spin to face another silhouette smiling at me.

"He is right you know!?!"
I don't know why but his smile disturbed me, there were a thousand 'more important' questions in my mind but I still I asked "what are you smiling for"
The smile changed to a dark laugh then he said
"I'm Pride!!!" "I always smile ... unlike our friend there" he pointed, I didn't have to turn around to know who he was pointing at.
"Excuse his rudeness, he is just tired of the tango ... you see both of you have fought for control since the beginning and apparently you fight him more than the rest of us because you consider him your worst enemy...He is depression"

"What does he want, what do YOU want?"

"We want to give you character! right now you are pure, unmodified, without us you'll be so ordinary.... we give you personality, Character ... without us you are nothing". He started to laugh the same dark laugh as before. Then he seemingly shifted.

I could see behind him the same unending queue of dark specters. This time I knew they were qualities and then I remembered what depression said: "some of my friends are still in there trying". Some I had, some I didn't .... some were disposable, some were attainable.
The conceited laughter filled my head.


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