Sunday, May 2, 2010


So I left for a while ... Again
The job was not that easy to leave after all. They kept bribing me with unseen incentives that where always just out of reach.

The partying was harder to leave... my group of friends were awesome and I miss them most.
Started reading again... for another small exam... but like everything else in my life ... I blow it out of proportion ... or I underplay its importance till it becomes a real problem. I'm totally blowing the exam thing outta proportion... but its the first step to the Bigger and Harder exams I really need ... so underplaying it will seriously wound my career.

I miss my friends but had to bail town to lay the foundations of my independent life.
I miss the trips we had... and our usual paroles ... miss Abuja small.
Don't miss the job... never really liked it. Left their asses immediately I discovered it was never going to be worth it.

So this seems to be one of those points in life where a new phase starts... lets see what happens from now on.

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