Friday, October 7, 2011


its been 7 months ...

I started blogging because I was generally a sad and to scribbling all that gloom was my expression. I wanted to make my blog a bit happier.
In the past few months, I actually got REAL reasons to be sad. Couldn't write about them because they were super depressing. From one low to another. And when I wasn't sad, I had issues to solve ... but issues never go away. You get it now right?

I at one point wanted to just close this vestigial blog, I procrastinated. Now I'm getting subtle spiritual(I think) nudges to persist. Plus Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ don't encourage me to come on here.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Impending attack : How to Survive!

Hey! Its been ages. Lost the zeal to write, to do anything, really.
Promised a friend I'd write. I opened up a new post countless times before this, just always closed it before writing anything.

So without further ado lets get back to why I'm here.

Preparation? you ask
Well preparation for vals day of course.

Allow me to tell you about someone. Someone I wanted to val. Not just on the 14th of February but for many months before and after. The kind of person that'll make me deny writing last year's "Vals post". The person I'm stupid for. Yada yada...
Anyway turns out he ... (hahahahaha <--- That would have been sooo funny)
Anyway turns out she is in love with someone else. Now I don't know how to make a girl fall in love, as in real love o, if I did, I'd try. If anyone has real insight, leave a comment. As for that whole being yourself crap, I'm as ME as I can get when I'm with her. The end!?! Besides the point!

The way I see it the valentine bug is akin to the T-virus. Instead of zombies running around yelling Brains!!! and eating them, you get zombies running around chanting Hearts!!! and eating them too(whether in the form of chocolates or underwear! <-- true story!).

Valentines day this year is the beginning of the end of the world. There is an infection going around and you better be ready. Now some people have caught it and have still made plans to make their lives a little bit better. Some are going away on long weekend trips, getaways and what not, to maintain sanity. Like I always say "if you find that you have been infected with a " Those that have caught the bug and are unable to plan trips to their sanity sanctuary are probably going to eat their hearts out.

There are those who are immune, like yours truly, that are adept survivors of Zombie plagues. My plan is to gather a weeks worth of food, alcohol, anime and series(Really -__-! what did you expect!) and weather the storm!. Or go get tail in some neighboring state, you always need a plan B.

Now if you are Not infected and are thinking of just blending in with the crowd, Don't. Big mistake! I suggest you find an anti-vals center, hang with the sane group of people and wait it out. And if after a week, the heart hysteria has not passed, we are all doomed anyway.

*Infected people with plans I don't mind hearing all about them, I'm sure most of them are wonderful.

*Infected people without plans - Don't complain that just makes you look bitter.

*Non Infected peeps - If you have any suggestions on making that weekend better pls share, we could even join resources.

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