Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lets call her Violet!

We are going to call her violet on account that the first syllable of her name is also a flower.
So today started out as every other Sunday, in the fact that I was postponing stuff I needed to do till Monday bcos I did not want to work at all, you know keeping the Sabbath day holy and all. Then I remembered how I was on a mission too make my life more interesting, so I called her remembering that she promised to call yesterday. She also promised to take me to her place and has been posting me for about a week or so. E be like sey she know once we I reach there it going to go down. Anyway i called at about 6 pm and she said she'll come over to my place at 8 I said "Ok see you then, bye". now I did not call at eight coz for some reason I had this idea she was going to cancel and I needed to.... uknow.... I was the only one at home today so I would be bored. So about 8:30 i called and she told me to meet at the small gate of her school I got there in 15 mins saw her and she gave me this cock and bull story of her friend being sick and her having to take food to her and all...I did not believe a thing she said ...maybe because I had been drinking. Anyway she had always been playing hard to get with me since I opened her second account for her. So I was not surprised when she escorted me halfway home, used the drizzling drops as an excuse to go and dodged all my intended kisses only a week after she voluntarily kissed me goodbye. She turned her back and walked away leaving me with a promise to answer my call whenever I beckoned the next day saying she needed to get going before the rain started and take care of her friend. I let her go ...
I got home settled down with another glass o f red wine. Now Violet is just the background story, basically this was the best part of my night... Now I've been tipsy before and I've watched the movie "just friends" before and if you haven't done anyone of those things you should try it (DRINK RESPONSIBLY AND DON'T DRIVE DRUNK PLS), But I have never done both at the same time. Now I would be selfish if i did not share this with you but SERIOUSLY I don't think I ever laughed as hard as I did tonight okay maybe I have but I can guarantee that I haven't laughed this hard in at least 2 years. After sharing this I just realized I have no one to actually SHARE this with so I'm going to holla at my home boy least read your boy's blog once in a while, haba!
After watching the movie I tried calling another chick, which we will call Grey, I think she is really into me, (Dangerous, lets see what happens). She actually flashed me...and I tried calling her with both my lines and guess what Naija phone services Do it Again... ruined the rest of my night I just could not get through... I cant count how many uneventful nights they've caused me. Imagine two different carriers.. anyway enough lamentation the comedy was enough for tonight... lets see how tomorrow goes ehn?

E go be na? Your boy 9janeo

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lets call her Mira

Okay lemme just say this first "If I ever get the chance to, I'll scrap NYSC." Its one year of your life you'll never get back. I started serving sometime in August and I have been miserable since... I thought this was going to be my funnest year but it really was not. So I decided to kick up some dust and working in a bank is the best place to start, not to mention the branch in question is in a university "sweet sumtins!". I had actually stopped flirting after I left school because i found that students in a particular school usually flow on the same frequency. In other words I was out of touch with the real world for a long time and hence could not communicate on the same level as most of the other corp members I met Xcpt those 4rm my skool.
Back to kicking some dust, I am s'posed to be a marketer but on extremely Hot day I stay in the bank premises and deliver customer service . So she walks in with her friend and I remember my colleague at the office having serious rapport with her friend Sandy on one of our business trips to their faculty. I also remembering saying sumfin like our bank was the best in customer satisfaction, she said you don't even have Tv in the hall, I said if that's the problem any time your in the bank come and i'll give you my phone. I'm going to get DSTV mobile bcos of you (i said this jokingly of course dstv Ke!). She said sure no prob.
Immediately Mira came in she walked straight to my table with Sandy following closely smiled and said where is my phone. Now I have a problem i have not told you guys about, I love it when a chick has well pronounced incisors (chipmunk style). She had the cutest chipmunk dentition I had seen, which made me love her smile, of course. I gave her the phone, she sat down with it transferring stuff, while sandy withdrew some money then went over to my colleagues desk and chatted with him 4 some time. When her friend was through she came over and handed the phone to me. I told her goodbye... that was when it really started.
I saw sandy some time after, walked up to her and asked her for her friends number after exchanging pleasantries, she gave me. Now I started thinking that Mira must have felt a connection that's why her friend gave me her number so easily, I used to have to give a very good explanation and beg b4 collecting a chicks number 4rm her friend.....hmm! Well there was no need for me to try and make Sandy feel better by collecting her own number, matter of fact that will only make her realize that I was trying to make her feel better and she'll feel bad, get it?. So i thanked her and walked away.
It was all uphill from there, things moved fast, dust started settling, a new chapter was created, ....and this turned into one of my most interesting stories in this little town I am serving my country from.

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