Saturday, January 23, 2010

About Me.

You know those introductory posts where the person narrates his life story and aspirations with incredible detail, this is not one of them.

Okay this is the 3rd most mind boggling topic in the world to me.
1) What is the meaning of life?
2) Why are humans destined to make themselves/others miserable?
3) Who am I?
4) What do women want? (and I even know the answer to this one = EVERYTHING)

When I get into an interview, all is dandy till the Interviewer says : "So who is 9janeo"
What kind of question is that
The first answer in my head is who the fcuk are YOU. I just hate the question.
The truth is I feel like I am never who I say I am, I may have an idea but I really don't know.

So please allow me to break this post into two,
Who I think I am
who I say I am

Who I say I am
No long thing, I just list
I am a laid back and easy going.
I am down to earth and humble.
I don't like fighting or confrontation.
I am very quiet.
I love having fun.
Yada yada....

Who I think I am
I am lazy. No food for the lazy man? ... you must be blind... the people that work the hardest in this life are the hungriest. Take some CEO for example who is driven to the office at 5am and sometimes stays there overnight (bear in mind his office has an A.C and he got breakfast, lunch and ordered dinner). Then take the laborer that works 5hrs non stop lifting bricks in the sun and has to trek to his house to give his wife the pittance he just made and is begging for 5 more hours of work just to make more money.

I am actually very insecure. This tends to rub of on people as humility or shyness. But still in a very weird way I am proud... I feel that people don't get me cause well I'm too special to be understood.

I think I'm a fucking genius... even though I try my best not to imply it in any way ... because human beings will want to test you. My hypothetical "niceness" is not as a result of conscious effort by me.

I am actually really quiet, because I learned at an early age that when you say the shit in your mind to somebody, you piss them off. And because I am lazy in the first place I don't have the time and energy to be thinking up socially acceptable ways of using the words I went to school to learn.

I was raised in religion but deep down I feel like there is no hereafter and so I try to achieve all I can in this life, be it in partying or in research or in contributing for the next generation... this thought is what got me through school. That one day I'm going to program the first thinking robot and be solely responsible for the annihilation of the scourge of this planet that is the human race

P.s. if you have not picked it up by now... I have lost faith in the human nature.

There is another angle to who I am : Who people think I am.
This I think is the most accurate description of a person.
Don't give me that bullshit about how you shouldn't listen to people's opinions about you. The truth is you should, not to a single person, listen to many, but take a consensus. If 6 different people with no relations tell you you are rude, then you are rude. The truth is if you can get 20 different people to HONESTLY write about you, not just friends and you take the common parts out, I think you will find an almost accurate description of who you are.

We are partial/unjust beings... think about how objective you REALLY are about yourself... and you'll still be biased in that answer.

Now I know some pshycologists and possibly psychiatrists will want to shed light on my mental condition. I also know that there are those who claim to have "discovered" themselves since they were 18 ... please feel free to express your own thoughts.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What ...yay!

Once agsain don't have a title... Whatever the title is was formed after the post. I'm supposed to be working on getting into school for my masters.... but somehow I find myself doing all the same shit again! Getting wasted over and over agian... matter of fact, I'm more motivated to get a job more than ever before! Okay I have only eating indomie and cake this year, but I'm so..... I forgot what I wanted to say. Oh yeah ... I'm so lazy I want to get a job to keep this lifestyle up ... or I'd have to go to school and read instead of partying ... alot.
Hey how do you get titles.... seriously?
1. Do you form it in the middle of writing your post?
2. Do you write the post around the title?
E.G think up a rally cool phrase and write a post around it!
3. Do you write a really good post and come up with a "Cool" name for it?

seriously I need help blogging
I don't even know why I started this blog!??!??!!!!

P.s Coming up next the post "About me" you never had!!!
I realised most blogs start with the intros of the writers ... mine started the way it has always been..... with stories of random gibberish from me you don't not even understand

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