Sunday, January 10, 2010

What ...yay!

Once agsain don't have a title... Whatever the title is was formed after the post. I'm supposed to be working on getting into school for my masters.... but somehow I find myself doing all the same shit again! Getting wasted over and over agian... matter of fact, I'm more motivated to get a job more than ever before! Okay I have only eating indomie and cake this year, but I'm so..... I forgot what I wanted to say. Oh yeah ... I'm so lazy I want to get a job to keep this lifestyle up ... or I'd have to go to school and read instead of partying ... alot.
Hey how do you get titles.... seriously?
1. Do you form it in the middle of writing your post?
2. Do you write the post around the title?
E.G think up a rally cool phrase and write a post around it!
3. Do you write a really good post and come up with a "Cool" name for it?

seriously I need help blogging
I don't even know why I started this blog!??!??!!!!

P.s Coming up next the post "About me" you never had!!!
I realised most blogs start with the intros of the writers ... mine started the way it has always been..... with stories of random gibberish from me you don't not even understand


  1. i usually have a title before i start blogging but i dont write around it per se cos i already knew what i wanted to write in the first place. sometimes i even think my titles dont make

  2. We like you the way you are, dude - gibberish and all! lol...

  3. Lmao if I don't have a title for the ish, I do not start blogging..
    I must get title before I blog.

  4. i just start writing then at the middle i get titles. some times tho, i write around the title i have

  5. Lol,its your blog to do as you please with it.

    I rarely blog till I actually have something to talk about, hnce the erratic blogging...and as such a title usually comes with it. Im not as spontaneous as people like Robby who can blog about an ant crawling past.
    We are all build differently...
    You should get on the things u have to do, cos trust me when you have nothing to will be frustrated

  6. So I've reviewed your methods and I've decided to keep free styling till I find one that suits me...
    @Kay9 fenx mehn!
    @NaijaBabe ... abi!??! ... I've started organizing myself now sha...

  7. I get the title from the post most times. LOL


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