Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Grinch that rocked christmas... and new year!.

Okay first of all lemme just say that Avatar was the shigaedee!
I enjoyed every bit of the movie from top to bottom!
At the end of the movie, just before the credits my brother got a text from my mum telling him our aunt, her elder sister just died. I'm in a really sucky mood right now ... this was not the way I planned to meet my cousins anytime soon ... in a burial! I feel like locking myself up in a black box and listening to very heavy death metal music ... but that won't solve anything. I've always had issues with death ... as in when I was still very young it was a foreign concept to me, death, but as I kept growing older it kept growing closer. Look at me already delving into the intricacies of anti-life.

So Christmas and new year has sucked the last seven years or so for me. I don't even remember any of them ... its that bad. Anyways I'm tired of sucky holiday so I am going to rocks this one die! We are supposed to spend at least Christmas with the whole family present. And my parents like going to "remote" places to spend their holidays. So if it is as bad as I anticipate this year, I will just go out buy some liquor, come back home and watch "Just friends" and "I love you man" over and over again!

Next year ba!?! I am going celibate walahi! Women, I no do again... I'm chasing money and book... strictly. I have like ten certifications on my mind and I should do at least three before my birthday next year in July! So face book and money ... the way it is supposed to be.

So even though this looks to be an "Unchristmassy Christmas" in NEO's words and I feel like a Grinch with very strong urges to introduce santa's beard to a shotgun, I am still going to rock these times. You might hear my tale ... the tale of the Grinch that rocked Christmas.

So people make sure you have a very happy new year!


  1. Lol bros if u remove the space in face book..
    U might recognise that the two things u've decided to do next year is facebook and money lmao

  2. maga dude is Avatar out in cinemas in 9ja...merry xmas bruv

  3. Say no to Unchristmassy christmas and rock it pls! Jus dont kill santa b4 he delivers my goodies!

  4. Come let's grinch out christmas together. oh wait, you are off women. too bad :D. happy holidays.


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