Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just So you Know!

I'm alive and well ...thanks for asking.
Have not been in the happy mood.
I have not written any post because I am trying not to write sad, seemingly depressing posts anymore.
Not many exciting things have happened to me lately.
Passed the exam I was reading for.
Chased women for a while.
And for the first time I actually discerned when a girl was asking me out. Well to be honest she was more forward with me than I have ever been with any girl I had an interest in.
I just was never able to pick up on small cues of interest (verbal or even physical) being dropped by interested ladies. They have to be overt flirts.
In fact I almost always realize when its too late. Months after it will just hit me "Oh! so she liked me ?".

I was thinking of going public, because many where going private, but I certainly convinced myself otherwise ... on account of all the relationships I mentioned in my blog that are so loosely coded ... and all the horrible gruesome deaths that could be inflicted on me by participants in said relations.

P.s. If you know who I am please keep quiet! Nobody likes a tattletale. JUST SO YOU KNOW!


  1. Yay@passing d exam!

    Dont worry, exciting things will come.

    So ur one of those guys that won't realise when a girls hitting on U, even when its hits you over the head.

    Welcome back tho. U've been gone for so long

  2. Ms.dufa thanks. My clueless.ness amazes me more than anyone.

  3. Lol wats wrong with writing sad?
    The best written stuff is written by depresse ppl.

  4. now i wish i knew who u r jst so i cn threaten u wit it. lol. get happy oh

  5. welcome back. u were gone so long, some people were startin to think i was u, so i had to get the animated boobs and and i agree with azazel some of the best stuff i've written came from pretty dark places, plus it helps too.

  6. Ahn ahn...whats the matter? No wonder you have been off the radar.

  7. guy u just vanished...actually started thinking neo was you but her comments werent like you....
    @rayo i just might let u in on his identity

  8. @Azazel I agree
    @ Rayo ... (pointing and screaming) You blackmailer!
    @Neo Thanks ... nice one wiv the boobs btw
    @NaijaBabe dont worry it happens to me on a quarterly basis
    @Awana ... 1 word ... SNITCH!


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