Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Something has happened

A friend of mine came to stay with me from Lagos and brought with him the las-gidi ginger.
He didn't even have to persuade me too much. All he had to do was say Choc-city, M.I, Kevin Pam, Chicks.... and I was already dressing up.
We went to the Aqua place in Sheraton after our rendezvous with two of our guys.
Now some advice from me ... when you consider yourself an average dancer, don't go to a party with three very good dancers, they will SHAME you.
So I danced for a while, drank very little compared to the quantity I average on my night outings.
Then met one fine chick with cute rabbit teeth ... I harassed her and gave her my number ... I didn't collect her own because If I had brought out my phone, She would have broken it off with me before any thing started.
So what happened yesterday? I Had fun ... and finally decided to get a new phone again.

ps. I am attempting to blog more... hence the empty post!


  1. Oh now I see how the stroll worked.

  2. lol @ y u didnt give her ur numba. u shd catch the BB bug.

  3. @Naijababe It was a very confirmed stroll
    @Neo ... I think I will

  4. lol @ the phone crack....good to see u r still repping your peeps

  5. Lol@cute rabbit teeth.
    Get an N97!!!
    Yay to blogging more!!!

  6. I thought Las gidi was naija in general. So..its just...Lagos then?

  7. @Psy-A-wana its only right!
    @Ms dufa Rabbit teeth ... my kryptonite ... among other things lol!
    @Fab at first I thought it was the name of a club or sumfin ... notin do you!


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