Monday, March 16, 2009

The day my life started ......again

Like many people I was born on july 29th sometime in the nineties. I lived my life to what at the time I considered to be the fullest. I ignored certain indulgences thinking to myself "I dont need to know what that feels like, matter of fact I can live without that". I continued this way till sometime in 2004. I grew up in a unstable state, politically, religiously, generally. That day I woke up in a state of chaos that had been plunged into astate of pandemonium. There had been similar occurences but this one seemed to have me and everyone I knew in its centre. For the first time in a long time my family fled clinging to the solutions that provided the highest probability of preserving our lives. Anyway it was during this period refuge that I encounted an angel of indulgence......she taught me how to live fully.
On the 13th of July 2009 I woke up.....
It was like I had been Atlas, for about four years, and the heavens suddenly disapeared from my shoulders. The last date i remembered living fully was .........4th 0f 0ctober 2004. Now it seems those four years rushed by, but when i was living them they were as slow as a fish trying to run.
They over......i'm living again......i've been living for 6 months.....


  1. U freaking lying, u don forget our first yr wiv volleyball, naruto nd co, then second year where u all failed statistics, then third year wen we decided to get seriosu wiv education nd the baby clan, nd then fourth year when we were all like friggin brothers, I swear wen we get to heaven we'll get a group discount on mansions lol...Well I know why u said u didn't live for 4yrs...nobody really did there but we had some good times bro lol

  2. The baby clan got me through school ....all you knuckleheads!!! Thank God for series too....


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