Friday, June 5, 2009

Damn My Phone!!! please let it be a prank

I actually had alot to write about when I got back from work but all these yeye student don dey sharp. I doubt its a prank bcos actually working in a University I expected this to happen a long time ago(to someone else!), but you gotta have faith. Imagine coming into the bank and nabbing my phone and upon all the CCTV wey dey we no fit sight the thief.
This na some kind hustle sturvs... Anyway I have bought my tickets to Lagos to go for my guys convocation and was about to make some additional preparations. I went out to buy airtime got to the credit kiosk bought a lot for both my lines sat back in the car. I was already thinking of how i was going to ask Awana or our guy Sam to pick me from the airport (Awana was the safer bet!). I wanted to load the credit then i realized my phone was not with me. Then and there I started the prayer hoping that I left it in the bank, just had a bad feeling about this 1, drove back like a mad man, ransacked the whole place, harassed my co-worker hoping it was a prank, (I'm still hoping it is an all weekend prank to teach me to be more careful!) watched the playback of the CCTV for like 2hrs, then gave up. At a point after trying to call my phone a million time I actually wanted to send a PITY text begging whoever switched on my sim cards, by some miraculous inexplicable occurrence, to contact me or please send them to my office "I willing to reward".
But that wasn't going to happen, trust your average Naija bloke once E nab my phone like this...E go off am and my sims no go ever on for that phone again....two sims one phone that is just painful no contact backups. And have you ever tried to have a night out without a phone? it's like painting with your tongue, just plain wrong!. For this to happen this weekend it must mean that some higher power is instructing me to continue with my reclusive lifestyle and stop chasing the glamorous life like I did with the disaster club last weekend(Another story).
Anyway at least I've gotten rid of all those contacts I was too scared to delete, I can start Afresh. Damn all those numbers! P.S. Awana I hope you know this was a way of asking you to pick me up on the 19th at 11:30


  1. Eyah sorry about ur phones..........dnt worry ul buy anoda

  2. lol...cctv ke! u think sey na oyibo thief...probably materialised through thewall nabbed ur phone nd phased out b4 anyone or thing cud notice...hope sey no be dat kpokoro nokia wey u dey carry dat time oh..cos if it is I don't see why u shud even be blogging about it lol

  3. You don forget sey I buy dat nokia incase anything wan happen make I for throway the thing commot window??? Na one oda 1 like that.

  4. I hear u so make o come pick u 4 air port abi idiot i resemble taxi driver we'll see
    08060010400 sam 07035168413

  5. I know how you feel o!
    Once my phone got stolen in the afternoon.I could hardly sleep through the night!I stornmed out in the early hours of the morning the next day and got a new one.My sister swears she heard me cry 'I can't take this torture anymore' in my sleep.
    It's probably true LOL!

  6. ha ha ha! Na s u de psyche ya fren?
    Pele about ur fones o!

  7. Ouch.. That musta hurt...
    Two sims in one as well..
    I guess with facebook now, nooone needs to bother about backing up numbers anymore..

  8. u wud appreaciate knowing nothing written, even the post and comment are not legible, i prefer not visible cos everythang is black yp. first time here

  9. i can now read. sorry about ur fone oh

  10. @naija shawty did u av 2 go to night school or sthg

  11. some theives are sharper than CCTV. Ndo


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