Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why do good girls like bad guys???

2nd June 2009
We were out having a couple of drinks, when we got talking. We were mostly bashing on our bosses in the office and anticipating different events that were to take place after our service year. The topics varied wildly and we eventually got to the one topic that was a prerequisite for our gathering, girls. They say even in a holy city, when 2/3 men are gathered together they will speak of women. My colleague told me about his brothers rule .... girls are to be treated badly.... and went further to illustrate various examples for me. He told me 2 or 3 stories about girls who his brother treated horribly but were still drawn towards his presence like moths to light bulbs. He explained that even though he was "bad" in comparison to some other people (I made sure he included my name in the list of good people), he was still amicable in his behavior towards the ladies. He expressed his sincere yearning to become more like his elder brother stating that his kindheartedness was his present inhibition.
I told him my own story which was shared to me by a friend of mine, Ted. it was the story of a chick who was attracted to a guy because he smoked (i don't get it either) and after a couple of years/months of dating she wanted him to quit.(???)
He also told me of the story of the girl that hardened his heart by breaking it while it was still soft, and how it led to his present unemotional/casual strings of relationships...... i could relate. I explained to him why I too have been on a vendetta and have been unable to commit emotionally to any relationship since. I aspire to be like him and eventually like his brother. Anyways it sounded like a really solid i brought it here for most chicks just like the idea of "REPAIRING" a man ....or do chicks just feel alive when their relationships hurt a bit???

After drinking a couple of bottles of stout I got home and lay on my bed thinking to myself "I'm fcUked and hungry maybe I should fry bread and eat egg". After the meal I started writing and at the end of the post I realized I don't have anyone following my blog, so who is going to comment? Damn....


  1. Idiot u need to go blog stalking jo! go nd read other pples blog then comment and they'll find you, i suggest you attack the pple that comment on mine..that's wat i did wen i started u don spoil finish o! i leave you for a few months and u run amuck shey

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  3. Well.........let me tel it from a female point of view..or rather my point of view.I do not think girls are attracted to bad guys per se.Its just that we or let me speak for myself sef....i like guys to keep me on my toes,all that mushiness and stuff is not for me,i prefer a guy who is man enough to call me to order,now this does not mean i'm asking for an abusive partner or sum1 to treat me like shit cz i wld nt even stand for that.Now its possible for a guy to be macho nd still be a gud guy,most guys get confused wen gals say they dnt want gud guys,wen we say gud guys we mean the guys that act like pussies(excuse my french),the ones that are basically spineless, the ones that are so smitten by u that u cld practically boss them around.These kind of guys i definitely do not want.
    Now for ur friend's brother's theory,that to me is extreme and complete bullshit,and i blame the gals for letting him treat them like crap.
    As for the excuse ur friends gave for treating gals the way they do,that is crap as far as i'm concerned,y not brush that off as one bad experience and move on with life,are u gonna punish an innocent person for someone else's sin??? If i decide to take into account all the guys that have at some point hurt me then trust me i would go on a murderin spree and start killin guys startin with ur friend's

  4. neyo let me break down wat juceegal is saying be a steel fist in a velvet glove but falling in luv is 4 d birds just gimme a quick lay anyday

  5. lol..I agree with juiceegal ESP on the murdering spree part.
    But I also think girls, well most girls anyways like to repair..
    See its nice when a man has healed sth in his life cause of u..he will never forget u for that..
    or so they think...

  6. Lol.. Mehnnn.. See proper analysis..

  7. Juiceegal has said it all. Machoness is the key word. Also with the case of some nice guys...when he is overly eager to please it can become very suffocating it pushes women away.

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