Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nothing matters

So you can probably tell from my blogs that almost nothing has been going on in my life recently.
I AM BROKE, RUINED, BANKRUPT, PENNILESS, OVERDRAWN. I felt 1 word won't explain the magnanimity of the situation.
I stopped working about a month ago around the time I last took alcohol or got laid.
I have been mostly indoors.
I registered for classes due to start on the 3rd of next month
My birthday is on the 29th of this month.
I lost my replacement phone last week.
I haven't been called for a job after my phone interview.
And I hate the world again.
I am back to my Hard rock and Metal phase, all this happy music is not working for me right now.
I am thinking removing all colour from my wardrobe and buying everything in black.
And in an effort to stir things up in my life again I decided to get in touch with an old lady friend I have not seen for over 2 years and arrange a meeting today. Now I cant sleep because I'm hoping it goes well and everything clicks like when she was in school. Come to think of it I always liked her and I cant help but think if she had stayed in my school I would not have ended up in the crappiest relationship of my life.
And no matter how tomorrow ends .... I tried.

P.s I miss inebriation.


  1. Numero Uno baby, Dude u dey becos I no dey there to slap u into sensibility again shey...omo nothing dey hapen, God pass dem my guy e go better

  2. Dang! You use the deepest words dont cha? Come give up the girst abt this your lady friend.

    Hope things look up soon. Thanks for coming by my end.

  3. matter how tomorrow ends..u did try.

  4. Pleeeeeeeeassssssssseeeeeeeee,dnt change ur wardrobe,that will b d height of it....
    Hope 2mrw goes well n Happy Birthday in advance!

  5. @ Robby E be like say you don they forget all the whoopings I served you, na im make you they blab now!
    @Fancy-Free she blew me off to go do some shindig wiv her mom. RIGHT!
    @Leggy it was not a Total disaster like I thought it'd be.
    @My World LOL kay I wont ... Thanks

  6. eeeeyaaa bros mi...I know we hear this all the time buh e go better for good mehn...the weep go gas dey buh for morning na to dey celebrate and congratulate for every corner...but bros mi all that hard rock and metal parols no follow oh...i no feel say e too pure ma own take be that no be say I dey judge ur choice of music...

  7. This is deep and though its easier said than done, there is nothing beter to do than keep hope and faith and wait for the signs of a better tommorrow. As scribbles said, you do need someone to shake you up once in a while, you cant continue to feel like this.
    Happy belated birthday by the way, I hope you did manage to have some fun? And how was the meet up *wink*...I wont lie, I like me some gist!

  8. Awwwww pele....there is always rain before the hang in there hun. It will be well in Jesus name. Lol @ the wardrobe bit. Oh and HapPpy Belated Birthday!! =)


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