Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We all travelled in the same car to the state capital, conversating about insubstantial meaningless topics, to collect our NYSC certificates. We got there, I had no trouble receiving mine with an epiphany.
I realised at that instance that I had built, in this 1 year period platonic relationships disgused as comradery, we all did.
I watched these benefficial relationships crumble into the nothings we had tried to portray as deep reaching emotionally
driven friendships. As we said our goodbyes I knew, that we would probably never meet again and we would definitely not try to keep in touch. But you never know right its a small world.
But I guess thats just what relationships are ... its all about what we can get and people have different need.Believe me when I say some people just want to give, some just want to take, some want to be adored, some maybe all human beings want to be loved and some want to be hated.
Yeah maybe those that want to be hated want it because of the attention that comes with it .... have you ever been in a close space with an enemy? you cant keep ur eyes off each other.LOL.
Maybe those that want to be adored need it to reassure themselves of their beauty or whateva.
Maybe those that give endlessly just feel they have too much to give and maybe they actually like seeing people happy!
I'm pretty sure i'm getting this analysis wrong and I would not mind somebody bringing these issues to light for me, I think I'm an emotional infant.
But what I'm sure of is that there is something to be gained/lost in every relationship ... even sometimes when you dont get to give as much as you want, it hurts. thank heavens i've never been the giving type. But in light of this revelation I posit that the best relationships are those in which all parties know what they want to get and have something to offer in return. It is not always easy to know what you want but in those rear ocassions when you do, it would be so easy to walk up to some1 and say "I know you want ...., I want **** and I can give you .... lets hook up!". BUT NO!!! as humans we have to go and make everything even harder. We act as though we only want to give just waiting patiently for that moment when we would collect Oh! the Humanity! of it all. Anyway there are those like me that cant figure out what we want .... when I have the physical arrangement, i want the emotional .... when I have the emotional, I want the physical ... when I have both, I want the stressless arrangement.

But this will help you in Life i'm sure of it, just know what you want from every single relationship you go into, wheather it is parental, official etc. But most Importantly Know What You Can AFFORD To Give.

PS today Is not always better!


  1. i love d NYSC program cs it helps u understand nd try to tolerate other people's cultures and i hate it when peeps tlk about scrappin it.

  2. The "learning other cultures part" is the only good part of the Program and participating in it made me want to scrap it too. If I want to learn other culture I'd just travel to their state there on a vacation!

  3. Wow this is never know the things you lear in certain situations

  4. Hmmmm....serious food for thought.


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