Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Edge Of Norm

Recently life had been bumping him around
He had fought but kept getting knocked down
he did some soul searching. He found nothing but a gray bordering on blackness - a colorless soul. He realized he made himself this way pushing everyone away so frequently it had become basic instinct. The only reason he was not completely black inside was because he still related with human beings, the most basic superficial beneficial relationships possible.

People-relations meant emotions, emotions were a distraction, when distracted he found himself fighting, struggling with 99% of the worlds population. That's the reason he learnt to stand at the edge of norm. Because only here at the brink of unconventionality will you notice
how absurd the norm actually is
how the morally derelict exile the physically derelict
how the morally wealthy worship the physically wealthy

He remembered why he lived at the border of expected function, why he stood at quietly watching. Watching the crowd move haphazardly around the center that was the utopia it was so desperately seeking. He stood outside these circles they formed to gradually gain the virtues and vices he needed to cut through them and surpass them all.

That is why he does it, when he is there the perspective is good. From that vantage point he can see all the "surprises" he needs to prepare for. He stood up dusted himself off, cut all emotional ties he recently formed with these ... people, and walked quietly to the edge of norm.


  1. wtf dude...and i thot i was deep and dark

  2. Dude how far now...u dey talk like sey write 4rm bottomless pit...some dark shit mehn!

  3. @Psy ... I don't know where I get these things
    @Neo ... A little bit of both
    @Sumptuous ... Dark yes .. twisted, really??
    @Robby Scribbles ... no worry nufin do me
    @Fabulo-la ... Yeah!!!

    Sorry for the late reply.

  4. Some serious stuff!Take it izzy...

  5. I love that your blog is called "Today is always better" =)

    Oh and lol @ Sir Scribbles 'bottomless pit' statement..

  6. na wa oh..maybe this is y u r DARK

  7. First time here
    Nice blog
    Take it easy...

  8. I get your drive. I wrote a poem called "Two-faced" back in school; your post reminds me of it.


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