Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Grading System!

Well I'm going to explain in this post how I grade chicks.
I know somebody will start feeling deep and talk about how we are all equal and BS, but the truth is we all do it. That's what first impressions are .... and many times you have been wrong with your 1st impressions of somebody.
We see someone, we size the person up. Its nothing personal. It guides us towards who we unconsciously think is better for us.

Long hair .... 0.5
Almond/cat/fish shaped eyes ... 0.5
Older (as in >5yrs) ... 1 point
Drink .... 1 point
Like rock/Eminem ... 1 point
like black ... 1 point
Play (video)games .... 1point
Likes superheroes(or can hold a conversation about them) .... 1 point
Can sing ... 1 point
Can Skate ... 1 point
Can play the guitar ... 2 points
Gymnast ... 2 points
Namesake (If you by any chance have one of my nicknames) ... 2 points
Hates Miley Cyrus ... 2 points
Snooty ... -2 points
Dumb .... -2
Lacking humor(or a sense of it) ... -2.5

ON A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN! Where a ten is unattainable unless your a greek goddess or from the Marvel/DC universe
In groups Everybody starts as a 5, then I give points as time flies.
When I'm bored or tired of chicks around me new ones start at a nine then I deduct points.
I still dont know all the reasons I add or deduct points but if I knew that then there I would know exactly who I want ... that's no fun!

Now that you know I'm such a Geek you are probably thinking this is shallow right!?! But we all are. Everybody has their own kind of grading system consciously/unconsciously.


  1. Lol... So true.... everi1 def. has dere various gradin systems.. m probably guilty of

  2. Long hair -: Check...well its past my shoulders sha and not just by a little bit!! lol

    Almond eyes-: Checkk.

    Drink-: Check...actually no, no take that back. Me and Alchi are no longer friends!! Long story. No point added.

    Like Rock-: check.

    Like Black-: Check.

    Play video games -: double check. Street fighter is my ish!! Ken is my main guy.

    Like superheroes-: hmmm 1/2 check.

    Hates Miley Cyrus-: haha was just even talking about the babe with my sister! Hate is a strong word but she definitely irritates my system. ughh.


  3. i shld jst say ditto elusive. lol.

  4. Well well well, i might just be the Greek godess o! Lol. I have 8.5 or 9.5 (think i shd be olderish) I got 2 points for same nickname and 2 points for loathing hannah montana! Yay!

  5. Ok maybe i just crawled out from under a rock, but who da heck is Miley Cyrus??

  6. @kay9 y dont u try
    @ne-yo maybe i shuld adopt a grading system of my own hmmm.
    @elusive trust me u dont wanna go there.
    @Neo i dont think so the dude is like 35 lol.

  7. This is freakin hilarious. I've got 2 measly points.

  8. lol.As in this is for real real?
    The moment u see a girl u start adding and subtracting?
    Na wa o!

  9. @TaioFierce ... glad you agree ):
    @Elusive and Rayo .... Well then, <*e-wink*>
    @Neo ... Its only right!
    @Kay9 don't bother... its not worth the time!
    @P'sy-A-Wana ... you already have a grading system ... Anythin in skirt/bra/thong/Apple bottom jeans/high heels =10
    @Sumptuous ...lwkm
    @Fabulo-la .... lol if I will bring out calculator self!

  10. I can see some are scoring themselves, hmm..hmm. You're not shallow jare, we all like what we like. Gbabeski

  11. looool @hates miley cyrus! haba!!!

  12. Like Eminem : 1point
    Can Sing :1 point

    Just a mere 2 points ! :(


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