Sunday, August 9, 2009


I nicknamed myself nocturnal when I was my second year.
This was due to the fact I always slept during the day/ in class and was never asleep througout the night. The habit stuck! Up until to day i have to play soft rock and will myself to sleep by counting back from hundred in all the languages I know.
Anyways I didn't sleep well last night and I have a class in an hour and I think I'm going to mix coffee and red bull bcos even well rested that class is still a challenge for me!
Shout out to Leggy on her 5oth!!!

This thing is not easy for everybody so we should keep encouraging each other!
I cant talk too much i'm going to look for caffeine and sugar. L8er blogsville!


  1. Awwww..... this is nice.
    Shout to leggy too!! :)

  2. Better take it easy with the caffeine and redbull dude...

  3. awwwwwww.....thanks so thing though...those legs look fat nd im skiny..lmao...just kidding-takes a bow-lol..thanks hun

  4. U pant! U dey try chase leggy shey? I'm so snitchin on u mehn!
    Dude u still dey behave like vampire shey? very soon na coffee nd blood u go need to stay awake...pipe oshi!!

  5. @Fab thanx
    @Fabulo-la had just red was not enough I slept in class!
    @Leggy Your welcome

    @Sir Scribbles II look at you e-Ashewo!!! You want to start pointing fingers? Ode oshi!!! no make me wash your pant for outside oh!


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