Sunday, August 2, 2009

Guess who's Bizack!

Guess who is Bizzack
It's my boy Jack
We have not seen in a while
I missed him making me smile
He has been here all week
And its no more bleak
I went to pick him up on my Birthday
Damn this is sounding so gay
He made me laugh with our secret jokes
The already happy moments, he stokes
Okay I can no longer rhyme
Maybe just one more line

So my birthday was just there. I got liquor and cake, threw out a couple of late invites via text messages and waited. Most of my friends were in school working all night or out of the state. But she came ...She is kinda like a family friend but the last time we saw about three months ago we made out. So it was just me and her after finishing an average of 3 cans of smirnoff each dancing to Wande Coal. I gave her my incomplete fourth can to help me and she did.
Then she got a call, some dude was coming to pick her up, it was not my business so I did not ask, but from her reaction she did not seem too thrilled to go, then again what do I know. She stood up to go and asked if her breath smelled of alcohol. I don't know if that was a cue or it was me being over sharp but.... I said "I cant tell by using my nose but there is another method" then I slowly moved towards her. Me being the poster child for rejection, 90% of me was expecting her to push me away, 5% of me was expecting a slap .... but being the "Self Destructive" individual that Sir Scribbles II swears I am I went with my 5% chance of success. I don't know why I felt like this even though we had snogged b4 I guess deep down I was thinking "She is like way older than you so she probably just want to do this for today and it never going to happen again"... I'm a cynic like that!

Anyway we had the best goodnight/alcohol test kiss ever ... she seemed to be a little bit more carried away by it than I thought she'd be. I pulled away and said no traces of alcohol or at least it does not show. Three days later Jack and I are just chilling thinking of new ways to get on Robby Scribbles nerves when I get a call
She - Are you at home
*static* I hang up and call back
Me - U were saying
She - are you at home
Me- yep
She - i'm coming
Me - Kay l8er!
15 mins later knock knock
she spend the first thirty minute talking with my bro in his room then later comes to my room. We had a very interesting conversation ... cant remember what it was ... then Its On!.
Halfway into the session she asks
- how did we get here
reluctant I ask
Me - Where, The bed or the situation where we both like this!
I thought the questions would come later
She - the second one
Me - Don't know and really don't care right now
The session continues without anymore questions she must be saving them.

Anyways my friend Jack Daniels will be going away again for a while seeing as I am starting classes today and need to keep my head clear for most of the weekdays in the next 6 weeks.

Ps. Chari was right about that randomizing ish...


  1. Hey idiot!! Why u dey mention my name anyhow please? Oloshi shey u dey mad ni? I don't blame u, shey u no know sey u dey self destructive? and why be sey all ur posts dey always get woman issue? Jesus is coming soon oh if u like dey mess up!! And who be dis Jack wey dey follow u plan d impossible...shey no be ballon ballon baby shey...una two dey MAD!!

  2. Please scribbles..comport yourself...why all the yakking?

    Erm was it JD that was the cause of all that? At least u had fun on your birthday

  3. LOOOL!
    Oh my took me the whole post to realise u were talking about the drink.

    So....kissing is a test for alchohol???
    Y didnt I know this before?

    Oh and happy belated birthday

  4. Dark Neo? I'm just plain Neo so i had to check out your blogs. Was wondering if the "dark' related to complexion or state of mind and four posts later i was sorted on that one. Seems ur not always "dark" tho.

  5. @ Sir Scribbles II sharap!!! since wen did we have to pay b4 using ur name! And so you don't know jack daniels omo We gats commot 1 of these days, Make I introduce you!
    @NaijaBabe yes oh see me see one man parry Hmm!
    @Fabulo-la I'm glad I could teach sumfin!
    @Neo Thanx 4 dropping by I going to check out urside!

    Sorry for the late reply...

  6. is someone sprung or just
    i actually thought u were talking of a guy friend from ur poem there.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. enof "kpekus"! Nwanne norring do u, sebd me a postcard when u get to Mt.Congo. LOL!!

  9. my boy is i gotta go get laid to em, celebrate ur byday lol

  10. Nice one, you got me with the Jack, didn't even think bout it.

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