Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He has Killed me oh!

Maybe they want to die! Somebody wants to die!
Oboy I know I just appointed it my song of the week but FCUK the sound of silence, This is my song of the month!
Now usually I'm off "getting" the new slipknot song or metallica's new album or something like that but I stumbled on M.I's Somebody wants to die. And walahi he killed me.
I will never crash I'm no Sosoliso!

Okay So I remember going to see one of my graphic designer friends about two weeks ago for us to work on my new complimentary cards. It turned out that he was having a small shindig happenning, drinks music his friends.

The only way you're cold is your career's a kedava

He had about 14 guys over, I was already familiar with 3 of them, 2 same school, 1 I had met before. Then there was this group of chicks, they formed a little gist group, I was busy with the Xbox all this while. I left the game alone to get my glass some more drink .wink. Then there she was, [.insert heavenly song here.] Playing halo3.

I'm a plane I'm a rocket I'm an eagle
And its plane how I rock the deasert Eagle

Now lets get this clear being a shy guy I noticed her more than the others and immediately bumped her one point above the others. And the way to a geek's heart (mine) is through a game console. I move in and tell her to take cover till her energy sheild rises back up. She does it, she was new to Halo but not to the xbox controls. I ask her wether she plays, she says "Yeah, dont you have GTA" I say no, then bump her up another point.(9janeo's grading system!)

I'm so Rick Ross, I boss like Hugo

When I was bout to leave I walked up and asked her name she told me, then I asked for a number. I told her that I wudnt mind getting together with her to game sometime and that I thought she was awesome. She smiled (it was a bit cocky) and said "I don't have a phone, but put your number in my friends phone" pointing to the chick. At this point the geek in me quickly retreated sensing rejection. I turned to her friend and asked boldly and with authority streching out my hand "where is your phone?". Her friend immediately went into defensive mode and started talking in part to me in part to her "but ". "she's going back"."ur'e going back" gibberish gibberish. I immediately tagged her a Big Itch! I was not ready to sratch!
Looked at gamer chick took out my old workplace complimentary card and gave it to her. "Call me" I said with a smile. As a marketer I learned this persistence and never to take NO for an answer better to have a maybe.

I got that new flo!
I'm like a blue fro!
I'm on your mind but so unusual You know

Rationality slapped me immediately I stepped out of the house. What is wrong with you!. Can't you game with a chick without jumpng on her!?!. Why did you even talk to them SIHT!?! You will be made fool of! You will look like a real asshole! Is she even up to 18? FCUK up!

They standing way too close these niggers Homo

Then like two weeks later I get one missed call from a number. This number is so weird I immediately think the number is from cotonou seriously. I call
Yeah!?! (At this point i'm thinking, well you should explain yourself)
Ehm you gave me your card
Gamer girl!
yep gamer girl
whats up now?
what are you up to
Nothing i'm on a break, its boring sha but I have to read
Read for what
well something very important
well nowadays everybody has to read, i'm reading too, we all are.
Okay i'd holla at you later na!
Alright bye.

So obviously she was bored and found my card. Or maybe she just got her new phone because the number was weird. It was one of those new MTN numbers 081.... I could have sworn it was from another country. And yes I don't know what is happening in the world I've been in my shell.

Maybe i'm overthinking it. What do you think

ps M.I Abaga is the man. Just so you know!
red : me
blue : gamer chick
Green : M.I
I tried to censor!


  1. First! Lol@ your grading system. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  2. legen-dary...lol heard the song its off the hook...so neyo wats her number lol

  3. Dude hpw far now, she dey play game....omo if u no want u knwo ur boy is always on standby...although this might be another one of those ur..e-relationships lol...dude M.I is a murdering and dat's final...booty redial...insane

  4. MI as already been label the BEST nd dis song is hawt....dis new MTN nos re very annoyin 1st time dey r confusin...

  5. dark Me! Lol. Maybe u shd bump me up a couple points cos i game too *wink *wink.

  6. Gamer girl
    This grading system self, i will just keep my mouth shut on that one.
    M.I. is the ish....PERIOD!

  7. @Sumptuous with a name like that who cud resist? right backatchya!
    @P'sy-A-wana Make you steal my uncut stone shey? see ur head!
    @Sir Scribbles Ask your self How Many Times You Have Seen Me Not Wanting, but just in case, you know I've got your back!
    @TaioFierce mos def
    @Neo so you're light me. Are you kidding Having that Name, ur at the top already!
    @Chayoma I guess I'd try and explain.

  8. M.I tohhhh bahhhddddd
    I love M.I and I thought he killed the song mehn


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